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    I've been wanting to draw human Luna for so long, and when I saw "The Butcher's Wife" movie poster, something in my mind just lighted up!💡 I have to say that haven't watched that movie actually LOL, but the poster gave me the inspiration I needed, it just screams "HUMAN LUNA!!" to me. 

    The city below is an actual photo of the Tokyo city from the sky that I have retouched to fit in the best I could. Since there's no "Ikuko Itoh" version of Luna, I made her the way I thought she would, and it turn out as if Usagi and Rei had a daughter (I would pay for that!). I love the Sailor Moon S movie so much (even though I think the manga version has better plot) so I hope that I've made it justice with this art. Hope you like it and see ya soon!!! 🥰💛

    PD: After drawing this piece, I want to taste Konpeito soooo bad!!😍

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