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  • Future Lovers


    Chibiusa X Helios❤🦄 
    I love this couple, I've been wanting to draw them for a long time, the colors of the two of them together are so aesthetic and so peaceful. I've draw Chibiusa all grown up and in her manga princess gown wich I like more. I wish they had kept it in the old anime instead of dressing her exactly like her mother, but...😑 And to give her more individuality I made the pigtails more fluffy and voluminous as she has as a child, and not the straight and thin ones that she has as Black Lady, she looks just like Usagi with pink dye. About Helios what can I say...he's beautiful😍 one of my favorite male characters of the series, the design is just gorgeous🥰

  • It's Usagi, b****!


    Looks familiar? If you said yes, you must be a Britney fan!❤
    I have "redraw" the ICONIC Britney Spears cover for Rolling Stones Magazine.
    That picture gives me EVERYTHING! 90's girl gossiping in the night with the girls...
    I think it suits so good with Usagi, don't you think?

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