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  • Codename Sailor V


    Codename Sailor V! πŸŒ™✨
    This is one of the projects that has been on the drawer from a long time because 
    I had an "art-block" with it and started another new drawing to freshen up my ideas😡 
    It was supposed to be a redraw of one of the Naoko's art for the Sailor V manga 
    (the one with Minako and Sailor V on the TV's in the back), 
    but at the end I just took the pose for V and scrapped the idea 
    of a full redraw. I even drew Artemis but didn't like it and trashed it tooπŸ’€ (sorry kitty!).
    For the background I've redrawn one of the SM sceneries because I loved 
    that "instagram" color palette, I think it fits so good with her. 
    For the products, I decided to go for an "arcade/80's/videogame" theme. 
    I really hope you like it!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  • Pretty Knight Sailor Revolution


    Pretty Knight Sailor Revolution!🌹
    When I did the #SailorMoonRedraw challenge with Utena, I didn't expect it would receive 
    that much love and it made me so happy to see so many Utena fans over here😍
    Because of that, I've made this full version of Sailor Utena 
    (which now I like to call Sailor Revolution) along with Rose Princess (aka Anthy ~ Rose Bride). More than Utena in a SM world, it's like a SM and RGU mashup, I've mixed a lot of elements 
    from both series to try to make it feel like a whole new series. 
    For Utena sailor outfit I've choose the color palette from her "Rose Bride" gown and 
    added her "bowling shoes", the prince shoulder pads, the chest chain brooch and the double skirt 
    like the one she wears as a duelist. For Anthy I've mixed the Rose Bride gown with 
    the Princess Serenity colors and added her shoulder pads but with the Rose crest on it. 
    The golden pearl chest chain and the neck decoration make reference to the Serenity dress and also the pearls in the crown and earrings. The brooch is like the Silver CrystalπŸ’Ž
    (Dios Crystal now) and the hair is a mix of Usagi and Anthy's. 
    Same comes for the background, I traced the stained glass window from a screencap of RGU and the night view is inspired by the wonderful Sailor Moon scenery, full of shojo lights. 
    I would love to be skilled enough to turn this whole idea into a doujinshi...😭
    But, well... who knows what the future holds, right?😚
    Let me know what you think, I really hope you like it! See ya soon!πŸ₯°❤️

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