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    I wanted to make something special for the #FreeBritney movement. 

    I love her and her music, and she seems to be such a nice and sweethearted woman and I'm so sad with all the issues she had to deal through all of his live. Everybody should have the right and the freedom to live his life the way they want and make all the decissions by their own. I wish her the best and I really hope she can finally destroy his chains and enjoy the live she deserves. I have no doubt that she will come out of this STRONGER than yesterday.

     Good luck, princess!💙

    About the piece, it's a reimagination of the Britney album cover and inspired by the S season finale. That ending is LEGENDARY (my favorite by far), and the aesthetic suits so good with the album cover; the messy hair, clothes, background... and that innocent look in Britney's eyes just like Usagi's. 

    I wanted to represent that, despite all the struggles she had to deal with (Usagi/Britney), nothing can beat the light of her pure heart and she will came out of every battle victorious and even more powerful. 

    I've been working on it so many days, it really gave me a lot of work but I enjoyed every minute and put all my love on it, so I really hope you like it!🥰

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