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  • Stars Garden




    PIN DESIGN for my friend @sailorkrakenpins
    Since this will be my last post of the year probably,
    I wish u all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!πŸŽ€ πŸ₯° 

  • Meowgical Series ~ Artemis



    In the name of love, I'll purrnish you!
    This is the last piece of the "Meowgical series"
    about our loved moon cats; Luna, Artemis & Diana,
    surrounded by magical items of their ownerπŸŽ€​✨​
    I really hope you liked them!πŸ₯°​πŸ’–​

  • Meowgical Series ~ Diana



    In the name of the future Meown!
    This is the second art of the "Meowgical series"
    which will be about our loved moon cats; Luna, Artemis & Diana,
    surrounded by magical items of their ownerπŸŽ€​✨​
    I really hope you like them!πŸ₯°​πŸ’–​

  • Meowgical Series ~ Luna



    In the name of the Meown!
    This is the first art of the "Meowgical series"
    which will be about our loved moon cats; Luna, Artemis & Diana,
    surrounded by magical items of their ownerπŸŽ€​✨​
    I'm having so much fun drawing the cats in such cute poses
    and I really hope you like them!πŸ₯°​πŸ’–​

  • Oppositio Senshi



    OPPOSITIO SENSHIπŸ’š​πŸ’›​πŸ’œ​πŸ’™​❤️​
    YAYYY! I've finally reached my post nΒΊ 100 on Instagram!
    So I wanted to share something special for it!
    I've always been in love with the Oppositio Senshi, they're probably in my top 3 fav designs
    of the entire series, so I wanted to work my ass off drawing themπŸ’€​
    The background really took me a while, no kidding, I still have nightmares and so does my wrist LOL
    The outfits were kinda tricky to draw, because there's only one official art about the OS
    to take references from, and some of the "tribal shapes" on the body are not fully shown,
    so I had to figure them out. I've used one of my fav Naoko's arts as reference for the pose,
    and for the background I've used pics from actual ancient greek ruins and
    some screencaps of the ep 48 for the color palette and overall idea.
    Would have been really cool to have a "Sailor Moon: Another Story" movie or mini arc
    back in the 90's, the plot was really cool 😭​ what a missed opportunity!
    I really hope u like it! See ya soon!πŸ₯°​πŸ’–​

  • Princess Sailor Moon




    Actually, this is a PIN DESIGN commission for my friend @sailorkrakenpins
    but the more I was working on it, the more I liked the result, so I went so over the top
    and started making a background and additional designs for t-shirts and stuff like crazy,
    and I finished everything in a blink of an eye OMG never happened before🀯​πŸ˜‚​
    It's my first time drawing anything from the Live Action, and I've reeeeally enjoyed it!
    I've been wanting to draw something about it from a long time, I actually have some ideas
    that I really like, so after how good this went, maybe I'll be in the mood
    to create some more PGSM arts.
    I still have to finish the series tho LOL don't judge meπŸ’€​
    Hope you like it!πŸ₯°​

  • Stars World



    STARS WORLDπŸ’›❤️πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’š

    Another crossover (God, I love crossovers!) with two 90's legends
    and my most beloved things in this world, Sailor Moon & the Spice Girls.
    Spice World is a true masterpiece, hit after hit, and one of the albums I hear the most even today, so it was about time that I did something about it. Making this piece was a hell, because the file is sooo big, with the highest resolution and lots and lots of layers, that it got to a point were I almost couldn't do anything on it because the program froze and shutted down several times while working when I tried to do the bare minimum, so it took me WEEKS to give it the final touches😡
    I choose to make them in their "Eternal oufits", just because I was looking for a "5 letter word"
    to match the "Spice dot logo", and the only one that came to my mind
    that I liked was "Stars" so there you go LOLπŸ˜…
    Instead of doing a plain white background with just the logo like the album cover,
    I put them in a stage, to pay homage, not only to the SPICE GIRLS, but to the 3 LIGHTS,
    who are a big part of the last arc. I really hope you like and remember to spice up your life!✌️🌈

  • Chaos Queens ~ Queen Nehelenia




    Hi guys! I know it's been so long since the last one, but here's the fourth part of CHAOS QUEENS, where every piece will be dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season. Each Queen will have a representative background (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds) and their own merch. It took me so long to post this because I'm kinda busy nowadays, and even though this piece was almost done months ago, I couldn't find the small time it needed to get the finishing touches. 
    Nehelenia is one of my fav main villain, and one of the best designed (in my opinion).
    She's gorgeous, dark, intimidating and looks just like a "Queen of the darkness" should look, 
    that gown and jewelery OMG stunning! And that Sleeping Beauty/Evil Queen plot inspired? So fitting! 
    I'm not so satisfied with the background, I don't know if I got the "broken mirror effect" right, but I hope you like her anyway. Only one more to finish the main 5, and it's going to take me a while since I've barely started her LOL but I promise I'll do my best, she's my fav so... I need to❤️
    Stay tuned!πŸ₯°

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