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  • The Brightest Star ~ Sailor Cosmos



    The Brightest Star ~ SAILOR COSMOS🌟

    FINALLY😭 here's my Sailor Cosmos, which is a "redraw" of one of my fav Naoko arts.
    I took the idea & the pose, but changed everything else because I didn't want it to be just the "same".
    The background is inspired by the final Stars ep, the color palette was everything, so peaceful looking and I thought it fitted so well with Sailor Cosmos vibes.
    It took me so long to post this because I had the final art done many weeks ago but I didn't had any ideas for the merch, so that's why I only made a few products of it. I hope you like it anyway! 
    Sailor Cosmos is one of my fav characters ever, and I hope
    I captured all my love for her in this piece💖
    I have a couple of new arts in the oven that I can't wait to show you!🥰

    PS: We need some news about the Stars arc adaptation!!!😭💗

  • Chaos Queens ~ Mistress 9




    Hi guys! It's been a while, but here's the third part of CHAOS QUEENS, where every piece will be dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season. Each Queen will have a representative background (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds) and their own merch. In this case, the background is taken straight from the series, a bit retouched and painted over, because I couldn't get the right "dark cloudly galaxy" effect, mine looked like weird paint strokes on a wall or something. She has 3 pearl chains on the chest like in the manga, but the rest is entirely inspired by the 90s anime version.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the next baddie to come? Stay tuned! 🥰❤

  • Toon Makers ~ Sailor Moon




    This is my take on the americanized version of Sailor Moon that was in the works in the early 90's but never saw the light (and thank god!)

    There's only some clips and cells of this project around the internet, and you can tell the animation was hideous and so were the character designs, but somehow I've always been attracted to them, saw some potential or something, so I wanted to bring back those designs in Ikuko Itoh style.

    What I loved about this long lost adaptation was the diversity of the characters; Mars being asian, Venus being latina, Jupiter being black, Mercury being in a wheelchair... I think that would had worked really good as a side history from another dimension or something, I mean, it had really BIG flaws but some really good things too.

    Since this adaptation looked really cheesy and 90's, I tried to put that vibes on this drawing.

    I really hope you like it!😍💖

    Saileeeeer Sailer Moon!🎶

  • Chaos Queens ~ Black Lady



    Hi guys! After several weeks, here's the second part of CHAOS QUEENS
    where every piece will be dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season.
    Each Queen will have a representative background (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds) and their own merch. I made Black Lady with fuller pigtails and not as thin and straight as she has in the 90s anime, but for the rest I tried to stay as true to her original design as possible.
    Mistress 9 is next in the row! Stay tuned! 🥰❤

  • Chrysalis Moon



    (or how I like to call: Chrysalis Sailor Moon)
    Along with Le Cygne form, this is one of the unused designs for the anime made by Fukano 
    and I have to say it my fav of them two. Sadly there's no HQ pic of this design to took references, 
    so I took a look to the awesome work that @morimoon_art did and the only pic available 
    of the original design uploaded by @shinpyh and I adapted it a bit freely, according to my taste and 
    trying to make it more cohesive with the S fuku and the Super form, as if this was and in-between form (that's why I like to call this "Chrysalis", since Super is like a butterfly).
    In the Low Quality pic, it seems like she had a second brooch on the belt like in the Super form,
    which I scrapped because I find it a bit to much. I made the skirt gradient
    (because I hate hate hate the color block stripes) and made the belt a bit pointy like Super.
    I really hope you like it, I was so excited to finally draw this version of Sailor Moon🥰
    See ya soon with more new art! Enjoy the summer!💗💗

  • Chaos Queens ~ Queen Beryl



    Hi guys! It's been a while, but I can finally share with you the first slice of CHAOS QUEENS, a project where each piece will be dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season.
     At first I started this as a full 5 villains art, but I didn't like how it was turning out, got frustrated and
    after several weeks I decided to separate them. Each Queen will have a representative background
     (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds) and their own merch. For Queen Beryl I decided to go for a more "Manga & Crystal" outfit, but with a touch of 90's anime like the yellow eyes 
    and the scepter, because I think they're more iconic that way.
    Which one of the female bosses is your fav?
    I really hope you like it and stay tuned for the rest!🥰💗

  • Twisted Moon



    Redraw of the Artbook Vol.2 cover with a little twist!
    The "Swap bodies" eps (the manga & the anime one) are among my top fav episodes,
    and I wanted to redraw that artbook cover so bad so I thought "why not mix both ideas?" 
    This piece is more based on the manga ep, the outfits, the wand, the black roses... and since in the manga we don't the them in Sailor form, I took my liberties on the fukus, making Chibi Moon with 3 stripes on the collar and 3 fluffy bands on the gloves and Moon with 2 stripes and 2 fluffy bands, 
    to make the swap even more evident, since the little sailors (aka Chibi Moon & Chibi Chibi
    only have 2 due to their "ages". So no, it's not a mistake, just my personal choice ^^ 
    I'm so happy with the color palette, and even that I hate making brackgrounds, 
    I actually had fun with this one. I'm thinking about making another piece more faithful to the artbook cover one, what do you guys think? I really hope you like it!! See ya!!🥰💗

    PS: The Eternal movies are finally coming internationally!!! I can't wait!!!😍

  • Dream Soldiers



    I can't believe it's been so long since my last drawing OMG 
    I'm so happy to finally show this to you guys! This piece was a hell to make, many characters, 
    many details, background, lots of lights, shadows... The tons of layers this pic has is insane LOL 
    As you see, this is a "redraw" of one of my favorites Naoko's illustrations. 
    It was the first poster I had and it spent a lot of time hanging on my wall as a teenager, so... 
    yeah, a lot of feels about it. But I wanted to make it feel like "new" or the most different possible; 
    the color palette, the dresses... So, inspired by the new movies, I thought on making them 
    in Super form and adding Pegasus as the center piece. 
    My first choice for the background was to put the Dead Moon ship instead of Pegasus, but I'm not so fan of the manga version (I prefer the anime circus tent) so I changed my mind. I moved Saturn from it's original place, to keep the Outers "out" and the Inners "in". Moon and Chibi Moon are the only ones with "items" in this pic because I was looking for some kind of uniformity or harmony, so no "chains", no "swords", etc... I really hope you like it and thank you so much for waiting sooooo long LOL I won't work on something this huge for a long time💀 

    Can't wait for the movies to be released internationally!!!😍💗

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