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  • Moon Barbie ~ Totally Hair



    I wanted to make a "Barbie" inspired drawings since the movie was announced
    and I'm happy I could do at least one before the release LOL
    This outfit is ICONIC and I've always pictured Usagi in it
    Those colors, the retro vibes, the loooong and voluminous crimped hair OMG
    I love crimped hair, I used to do it a lot and I still do from time to time,
    call me old fashioned but I've always found it GORGEOUS
    (put the blame on Daryl Hannah🧜 )
    Do I have intentions to do all the senshis in Barbie outfits? YES
    Do I know when? NOPE LOL
    I need to find time for it, I've already looked for the outfits
    I'm gonna do and stuff so... patienceπŸ™ 
    I really hope you like it and don't forget to watch BARBIE
    on cinemas tomorrow! It's gonna be awesome, I can feel it!πŸ€©πŸ’–

  • Miracle Romance



    Space backgrounds are my favorite backgrounds!
    It goes so well with Serenity and Endymion color palette✨ 
    Endymion it's my fav "form" of Mamoru, but I liked the 90's anime outfit
    more than manga/Crystal one, that's why I tried to mix both just a little bit on this piece.
    With Serenity it's just the opposite, I think the manga outfit it's superior,
    more detailed and elegant😍
    I really hope you like it!πŸ’– 

  • Circus of dreams



    I decided to redraw one of Naoko's arts from Artbook vol.3
    because I really liked the poses. I changed the outfits, added the wands...
    but I wanted something special for the background, something dreamy and colorful,
    something that screams "SuperS season" to me. And this is what came out🌈
    I'm so happy with it and I really hope you like it too!πŸ₯°πŸ’– 
    And you lucky people who are going to see Cosmos part 2 today,
    enjoy it as much as you can for us, international fans,
    who will have to wait until God knows when  😭

  • Sailor Luna



    I know there's already a Sailor Luna in the PGSM live action,
    but this is my take on her. The sailor fuku is inspired by her beautiful yellow dress,
    with the black pleated ribbons and the same shoes she wears in her human form
    in the Eternal movies (and manga too I think)

    I really hope you like her!πŸ’– πŸ₯° 

  • Prototype Sailor Moon



    PROTOTYPE SAILOR MOONπŸ’š ❤️ πŸŒ™ πŸ’™ πŸ’› 
    I'm such a fan of the Prototype designs!
    Most people think they're ugly, but to me they're so unique, colorful and detailed.
    I wish they could've stayed for at least one arc and then upgrade to the sailor outfit we all know,
    but... we were robbed😭 
    I took the poses from a promotional art from Crystal season 1 and I recreated
    this beautiful background from the 90's season 2 ep 01!
    The heads are slightly bigger and the bodies a bit smaller to make them look a bit younger,
    as if this was pre-season 1 πŸ‘Ά 
    Was a lot of work but I'm so happy with the resultπŸ₯°
    I really hope you like it too!πŸ’– πŸ’– 

  • Siren X Crow



    SIREN X CROWπŸ•Ά️ πŸ¦‘ 
    Oh, Karasuma, smile!πŸ“· 
    I really, really, really enjoyed redrawing this pic! ICONIC!
    Siren and Crow's relationship is one of my favs throughout the series,
    and the fate of both of them made me cry a lot back in the day.
    I know they're villains, but they deserved better😭
    I can't wait to see them in Cosmos, well, the few seconds they're gonna be in it LOLπŸ’– 

  • Chaos Queens ~ Sailor Galaxia




    It's been more than a year OMG! But finally here's the fifth part of CHAOS QUEENS,
    where every piece is dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season.
    Each Queen have a representative background (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds)
    and their own merch.
    Sailor Galaxia is my fav villain ever so I've put some extra of LOVE on the work aaaaand...
    I've also made a second version possesed by Chaos.
    This is the last one of the 5 Chaos Queens series... Does that means the CQ series is over?πŸ€” 
    Hmmm don't say goodbye yet... πŸ‘€  See u soon!πŸ₯°πŸ’– 

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ The Prince



    Redraw of the manga illustration by Chiho Saito from Vol.1 in anime art style.
    I've made 2 versions, the Utena we all know and love,
    and the "prototype" version which had ginger hair and pink outfit.
    Nothing can't beat the pink/black combination but
    I've always found the original idea kinda cuteπŸ₯°
    I really hope u like it!!πŸ’— 


  • Extraterrestrial love



    Someday... I'll be back with flowers for you🌹


    This art is from a pin commission for @nademopins

    I've turned it into a full piece and wanted to wait until today to post it, the Lovers Day!

    Because LOVE doesn't understand about race, gender, or identities, we all deserve to love and be loved.

    So spread LOVE, not only today but EVERYDAY!πŸ’– 🌈 

    And don't forget to save some for yourself before anybody elseπŸ₯° 

    Have a LOVELY day y'all!

  • Parallel Sailor Moon ~ Kousagi



    I was making this to celebrate the chinese new year,
    but I've come a bit late...πŸ˜“ 
    Since there's no "official" color palette for Kousagi (or any of the Parallel inner senshi)
    I've chosen what I liked the most. I've seen this color palette used by
    several artist on internet and I'm a sucker for pastels
    (also I think it's what suits her the most with all the "bunnies" aesthetic)
    so there she goes!πŸ₯° 
    I want to make the full team (that's my intention at least...)
    so I hope to find time for thatπŸ˜… 
    I really hope u like it!πŸ’– 

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