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  • Chaos Queens ~ Black Lady



    Hi guys! After several weeks, here's the second part of CHAOS QUEENS
    where every piece will be dedicated to one of the sickening female villain leads of each season.
    Each Queen will have a representative background (traced or copied from the original anime backgrounds) and their own merch. I made Black Lady with fuller pigtails and not as thin and straight as she has in the 90s anime, but for the rest I tried to stay as true to her original design as possible.
    Mistress 9 is next in the row! Stay tuned! 🥰❤

  • Chrysalis Moon



    (or how I like to call: Chrysalis Sailor Moon)
    Along with Le Cygne form, this is one of the unused designs for the anime made by Fukano 
    and I have to say it my fav of them two. Sadly there's no HQ pic of this design to took references, 
    so I took a look to the awesome work that @morimoon_art did and the only pic available 
    of the original design uploaded by @shinpyh and I adapted it a bit freely, according to my taste and 
    trying to make it more cohesive with the S fuku and the Super form, as if this was and in-between form (that's why I like to call this "Chrysalis", since Super is like a butterfly).
    In the Low Quality pic, it seems like she had a second brooch on the belt like in the Super form,
    which I scrapped because I find it a bit to much. I made the skirt gradient
    (because I hate hate hate the color block stripes) and made the belt a bit pointy like Super.
    I really hope you like it, I was so excited to finally draw this version of Sailor Moon🥰
    See ya soon with more new art! Enjoy the summer!💗💗

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