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  • Fiore X Tuxedo


    Fiore X Tuxedo! πŸŒΉ
    I have always admired the diversity of characters, sexual orientations, 
    and identities featured in Sailor Moon. As an LGBT person, I know how hard it is to grow up 
    in a world that keeps telling you that you are strange, that there's something wrong with you, 
    and having to grow up alone and self-conscious. For this reason, being able to see as a child characters that go beyond what is considered "normal", characters with whom you can feel identified, 
    was a small salvation. So I wanted to celebrate this PRIDE with one of those characters! 
    So many came to my mind but at the end I choose Fiore because I've always loved his design and storyline; the way he truly fell in love with an human when he was just a child and returned 
    to Earth just to see him again a fullfil the promise he made, isn't that beautiful? 
    I wanted to give Mamo that "sexy/spanish/Backstreet Boys video" look because I think 
    that really make the picture stand out. For the colors and shading I've been inspired 
    by the Sailor Moon S laserdics and the pride flag of course. 
    Hope you like it and remember: always be who you really are and love whoever the f*** you love!
    HAPPY PRIDE everyone!!!!🏳️‍🌈

  • PGSM Legacy


    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ~ Legacy! ❤️πŸ’›πŸŒ™πŸ’šπŸ’™
    Wouldn't it have been great if they had made a spin-off about Chibiusa 
    taking over her mother's role as a Guardian alongside the Sailor Asteroids
    Their presence in the manga was so short and I think many of us were left wanting more😒
    So I have made this kind of "fake poster" of the "fake spin-off" called LEGACY
    What do you guys think? Who else is excited to see the Amazoness/Sailor Asteroids 
    in the new Eternal movies?😍

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