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  • Moon Barbie ~ Totally Hair



    I wanted to make a "Barbie" inspired drawings since the movie was announced
    and I'm happy I could do at least one before the release LOL
    This outfit is ICONIC and I've always pictured Usagi in it
    Those colors, the retro vibes, the loooong and voluminous crimped hair OMG
    I love crimped hair, I used to do it a lot and I still do from time to time,
    call me old fashioned but I've always found it GORGEOUS
    (put the blame on Daryl Hannah🧜 )
    Do I have intentions to do all the senshis in Barbie outfits? YES
    Do I know when? NOPE LOL
    I need to find time for it, I've already looked for the outfits
    I'm gonna do and stuff so... patienceπŸ™ 
    I really hope you like it and don't forget to watch BARBIE
    on cinemas tomorrow! It's gonna be awesome, I can feel it!πŸ€©πŸ’–

  • Miracle Romance



    Space backgrounds are my favorite backgrounds!
    It goes so well with Serenity and Endymion color palette✨ 
    Endymion it's my fav "form" of Mamoru, but I liked the 90's anime outfit
    more than manga/Crystal one, that's why I tried to mix both just a little bit on this piece.
    With Serenity it's just the opposite, I think the manga outfit it's superior,
    more detailed and elegant😍
    I really hope you like it!πŸ’– 

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