• Posted by : Sassy 30 July, 2020

    Codename Sailor V! πŸŒ™✨
    This is one of the projects that has been on the drawer from a long time because 
    I had an "art-block" with it and started another new drawing to freshen up my ideas😡 
    It was supposed to be a redraw of one of the Naoko's art for the Sailor V manga 
    (the one with Minako and Sailor V on the TV's in the back), 
    but at the end I just took the pose for V and scrapped the idea 
    of a full redraw. I even drew Artemis but didn't like it and trashed it tooπŸ’€ (sorry kitty!).
    For the background I've redrawn one of the SM sceneries because I loved 
    that "instagram" color palette, I think it fits so good with her. 
    For the products, I decided to go for an "arcade/80's/videogame" theme. 
    I really hope you like it!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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