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    This is my take on the americanized version of Sailor Moon that was in the works in the early 90's but never saw the light (and thank god!)

    There's only some clips and cells of this project around the internet, and you can tell the animation was hideous and so were the character designs, but somehow I've always been attracted to them, saw some potential or something, so I wanted to bring back those designs in Ikuko Itoh style.

    What I loved about this long lost adaptation was the diversity of the characters; Mars being asian, Venus being latina, Jupiter being black, Mercury being in a wheelchair... I think that would had worked really good as a side history from another dimension or something, I mean, it had really BIG flaws but some really good things too.

    Since this adaptation looked really cheesy and 90's, I tried to put that vibes on this drawing.

    I really hope you like it!😍💖

    Saileeeeer Sailer Moon!🎶

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