• Posted by : Sassy 29 April, 2021


    Redraw of the Artbook Vol.2 cover with a little twist!
    The "Swap bodies" eps (the manga & the anime one) are among my top fav episodes,
    and I wanted to redraw that artbook cover so bad so I thought "why not mix both ideas?" 
    This piece is more based on the manga ep, the outfits, the wand, the black roses... and since in the manga we don't the them in Sailor form, I took my liberties on the fukus, making Chibi Moon with 3 stripes on the collar and 3 fluffy bands on the gloves and Moon with 2 stripes and 2 fluffy bands, 
    to make the swap even more evident, since the little sailors (aka Chibi Moon & Chibi Chibi
    only have 2 due to their "ages". So no, it's not a mistake, just my personal choice ^^ 
    I'm so happy with the color palette, and even that I hate making brackgrounds, 
    I actually had fun with this one. I'm thinking about making another piece more faithful to the artbook cover one, what do you guys think? I really hope you like it!! See ya!!🥰💗

    PS: The Eternal movies are finally coming internationally!!! I can't wait!!!😍

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