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    OPPOSITIO SENSHIπŸ’š​πŸ’›​πŸ’œ​πŸ’™​❤️​
    YAYYY! I've finally reached my post nΒΊ 100 on Instagram!
    So I wanted to share something special for it!
    I've always been in love with the Oppositio Senshi, they're probably in my top 3 fav designs
    of the entire series, so I wanted to work my ass off drawing themπŸ’€​
    The background really took me a while, no kidding, I still have nightmares and so does my wrist LOL
    The outfits were kinda tricky to draw, because there's only one official art about the OS
    to take references from, and some of the "tribal shapes" on the body are not fully shown,
    so I had to figure them out. I've used one of my fav Naoko's arts as reference for the pose,
    and for the background I've used pics from actual ancient greek ruins and
    some screencaps of the ep 48 for the color palette and overall idea.
    Would have been really cool to have a "Sailor Moon: Another Story" movie or mini arc
    back in the 90's, the plot was really cool 😭​ what a missed opportunity!
    I really hope u like it! See ya soon!πŸ₯°​πŸ’–​

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