• Posted by : Sassy 21 March, 2020

    Super Sailor Moon!✨
    "Redrawn" or "reimagination" of the Chobits illustration for the vol.3 manga cover. 
    That picture is everything! Everytime I saw that cover it gave me huge Super Sailor Moon vibes, maybe for the long back ribbon, the moon, the hair, the fairy pose... πŸ¦‹
    I don't know but I had to make it happen.
    The background was HELL! I traced one of the anime sceneries and all was going fine till I get to 
    the Tokyo Tower, OMG remind me to never do that againπŸ’€
    And I'm still not fully satisfied with it but I did my best. As a curious fact, I have changed the lamppost 
    for one similar to the ones in the Azabu Juuban Station (Usagi neighborhood).
    Because of the "upcoming" Sailor Moon movie about the Dream arc, I'm thinking on dedicate 
    the next few projects about it. What do you guys think?πŸ₯°
     I already have a few ideas and I can wait to show them. 
    I hope you're all staying home safe and sound, and that this whole situation will end up soon. 
    Please, take care everyone❤️❤️❤️

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