• Posted by : Sassy 26 November, 2019

    Yassss! I'm finally done with this drawing🥰 
    Galaxia and the Sailor Animamates are my favorite villains ever! 
    I love the personalities they give them for the anime, 
    in the manga we barely see them in more than two pages. 
    As a child I was so pissed that they didn't included Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, her design is sooo beautiful❤ and her presence in the manga is so short😭 Because of the fact that there is no anime version of her, I took some references of the version of Marco Albiero sempai (😍he is awesome and I love his interpretation of the costume) and of Sailor Neptune too, 'cause I think they look pretty much alike. For Lead Crow I've been wandering if do the wings or not, but finally I've scrapped the idea because I think they took so many space and there's already Papillon who also has wings too so...

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    1. Galaxia is the best villain ever! *-* And Marco is the kindest person ;-;

    2. Siempre me quede con ganas de ver al resto de las Animamates en sailor moon classic, sobre todo a Heavy metal papillon... tu dibujo es increible, lo amo

      1. Muchas gracias!!! A mí me pasó igual, espero que con Crystal lleguemos al arco Stars y por fin podamos verlas en acción ^^


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